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Washington, D.C. (JFK+50) On November 29, 1963, one week after the death of President John F. Kennedy, Representative Hale Boggs* (D-Louisiana) "disclosed...that a presidential commission will make the formal investigation of the facts surrounding the assassination**."

The Congressman says President Lyndon B. Johnson will name the members of this "blue ribbon panel" next week and they will include members of Congress.

*Thomas Hale Boggs (1914-1973) was born in Long Beach, Mississippi & was educated at Tulane University, law degree 1937.  THB served in the US House of Representatives 1947-1973 & as House Majority Whip 1962-1971.  LBJ appointed him to serve on the Warren Commission which investigated JFK's death.  THB's plane disappeared in Alaska in 1973, the wreckage nor remains were never found.

**The Warren Commission, a.k.a. Presidential Commission on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy (1963-1964) was, according to Will Fox, "designed to alleviate fears of the American people & provide answers to how & why the assassination occurred."

After 10 months the WC found that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin and that there was no evidence of conspiracy "foreign or domestic."

Accepted initially as gospel by the press & public, the Warren Report came under increasing scrutiny & criticism as time passed.  A 2013 CBS poll showed 61% believed LHO did NOT act alone & 62% believed there was a government 'cover-up.'  


I have been a student of the JFK assassination for 60 years & taught the topic in my history classes for 40 years.  It is clear that the Warren Commission's conclusions were based on a pre-conceived belief that Oswald was the lone assassin & there was no conspiracy.  They called selective witnesses to testify & those who presented evidence that they did not want were simply ignored.  It is my belief that while Oswald was involved in a conspiracy, he most probably did not kill JFK & may in fact not even been one of the shooters.  If you are interested in my research on this topic you might check out my JFK ASSASSINATION blog at 


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Hale Boggs & LBJ
May 10 1968
White House Photo