Tuesday, January 11, 2011


January 11, 1962

JFK delivers his State of the Union address

JFK says:

"In the past year, I have traveled not only across our own land but to other lands--to the North and the South, and across the seas. And I have found....that people everywhere, in spite of occasional disappointments, the splendor of our ideals."

"For our Nation is commissioned by history to be either an observer of freedom's failure or the cause of its success. Our overriding obligation in the months ahead is to fulfill the world's hopes by fulfilling our own faith." 

January 11, 1908

President Theodore Roosevelt makes the Grand Canyon, located in northwest Arizona, a national monument.  He says:

"Let this great wonder of nature remain as it is now.  You cannot improve on it.  But what you can do is keep it for.....all who come after you, as the one great sight which every American should see."

January 11, 1935

Emelia Earhart flies from Wheeler Field in Hawaii to Oakland Field in California earning a $10,000 award in the process.  

The 2400 mile flight is made in 18 hours.  

In 1932, Earhart had become the 1st woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.  She disappeared flying over the South Pacific in 1937.

January 11, 1937

A riot breaks out at the GM auto plant in Flint, Michigan when police attempt to prevent strikers from receiving deliveries of food. 

Governor Frank Murphy calls out the National Guard to surround the plant.  

The strike ends after a month with an agreement by GM to grant the United Auto Workers "bargaining rights".

January 11, 1956

South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem issues "Ordinance No. 6" which allows the detention of former Viet Minh (Communist) members "considered dangerous to national defense".

Diem attempts to control opposition from religious groups & communists who remain in the South. 

 He will be overthrown & executed in a coup in November 1963.

The Kennedy Library, Boston

The JFK Library has just remodeled their website today.  

I believe you will find this much more "user-friendly", as I do, & urge you to check it out.  Click on the link on this blog.

Shooting in Arizona

I want to express my most heartfelt sadness concerning this inexplicable event.  I, with you, extend my thoughts & prayers to the families involved.