Friday, July 27, 2012


July 27, 2012


Knoxville, Tennessee (JFK+50) Today we continue our report of Chapter 12 of the book by Kenneth P. O'Donnell & David F. Powers with Joe McCarthy.  It is published by Little, Brown & Company.

The title of Chapter 12 is "Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye"

Kenneth O'Donnell writes about JFK's visit to ITALY.

He landed at MILAN & spent the day at Lake Como for some rest & relaxation before going on to ROME on Monday, July 1, 1963.

There he had a 2 hour discussion with Antonio Segni*, President of Italy.

*Antonio Segni (1891-1972) was President of Italy from 1962-1964.  He was born in Sassari, Sardinia. 

He became a lawyer & was a professor at the University of Sassari.  Segni was an organizer of the Christian Democratic Party & was elected to Parliament in 1948.

On Tuesday, JFK had an audience with the Pope.

                   JFK & Pope Paul VI
                          The Vatican
                          July 2, 1963

Afterwards they drove to North American College where JFK was greeted by Cardinal Cushing who had come from Boston for the new Pope's coronation.

JFK's last stop was NATO HQ in Naples where JFK received the "noisiest demonstration of his European tour..."

and Kenny adds....

"with bigger crowds than we had seen in Berlin showing a more overwhelming explosion of hero worship than even the hero-loving Germans had displayed."

President Kennedy was back at his desk on Wednesday, July 3, 1963.

He would be off the following day for a weekend visit to Cape Cod with Mrs. Kennedy & John & Caroline.

 Kenny tells us JFK's bags included pictures & movie films of his visit to Ireland "that he was eager to show" to his family.