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Los Angeles, California (JFK+50) "Childhood's End," a new song written by Rick Ryan, pays tribute to President John F. Kennedy & describes the impact that his death had on a generation of our nation's youth.

Rick, a self-described "life-long lyricist/songwriter" who lives in the Los Angeles area, says...

"I'll never forget that Friday afternoon (November 22, 1963) when I was an 11 year old Irish Catholic kid living in Belmont, Massachusetts.  In the ensuing years, I've come to realize the loss of President Kennedy in such a senseless & brutal manner affected me more than I ever knew."

Rick tells us that writing this song brought out hidden emotions & moved him to tears.  He says that his purpose in writing "Childhood's End" is to reflect on how the events of November 22, 1963 "changed our country forever."

I think Rick's beautifully written words express so well the view that I have long held as a historian that the assassination of President Kennedy marks a "watershed" in our nation's history.  

On my JFK TRIBUTE website at I wrote...

"I believe the assassination of President Kennedy is a 'watershed' of modern American history.  Before his death, we had an almost childlike view of our government.  After his death, with the tragedy of the Vietnam War, Watergate & the decline of American prestige, Americans have become cynical of our government & leaders."

Following are a few lines from Rick's song. 

Please access his website at the following link for the full text of the song:

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The pain flashed like a headline
Thrown upon the magic screen
A thousand days, a single flame
One instant in between.

A camera's prayer of silence
Frozen church to grassy knoll
One single act of violence
Robbed a country of its soul.

We tuned in as the colors dropped
The day when all the laughter stopped.

They change the guard
The decades bend
A dream dies hard at childhood's end
The children weep
Old men pretend
The tide runs deep at childhoods end.

Lyrics by Rick Ryan
Music by Melissa Ryan

Copyright 2013, Rick Ryan.

                      You Tube Video

Lyrics, Rick Ryan
Music, Melissa Ryan
Music Production, Joel Plimmer
Vocals, Danya River
Video Editor, Leonard Ross
Artwork, Pat O'Brien

Copyright 2013, Rick Ryan

JFK+50 Note:

A special thanks to Rick Ryan for sending us the information about his song & for giving us permission to do this post our our blog.

                                    Rick Ryan