Sunday, November 17, 2013


November 17, 2013


West Palm Beach, Florida (JFK+50) President John F. Kennedy spent his last Sunday alive at the family home here in West Palm Beach 50 years ago today, November 17, 1963.

The President began his day by attending mass at St. Ann's Church.

Thurston Clarke tells us that in the afternoon JFK, with close friend Torbert Macdonald, watched the Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers professional football game out on the patio.

After the game, while swimming together, JFK and Macdonald began talking about their fear of being "incapacitated by a stroke as (both) of their fathers had been."

Torby asked the President...

"How would you like to die?"

John F. Kennedy answered...

"Oh, a gun.  You never know what's hit you.  A gunshot is the perfect way."

Later in the day, President Kennedy signed a bill creating the Coastal Engineering Research Center.

The center would study near-shore oceanography as it relates to engineering issues and served as a clearing house for water resources projects for the Army Corps of Engineers.

All it all, it had been a relaxing weekend.  

Macdonald described it as "one he would never forget."  

On Monday, JFK was scheduled fly to Tampa.


"JFK's Last Hundred Days:  The Transformation of a Man and the Emergence of a Great President," by Thurston Clarke, The Penguin Press, New York, 2013.

Kennedy Home
West Palm Beach


Sacramento, California (JFK+50) Austrian born body builder and actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was sworn in 10 years ago today, November 17, 2003, here in Sacramento, as the 38th governor of the state of California.

                Arnold Schwarzenegger
            Photo by Bob Doran (2010)

Schwarzenegger, who was born in 1947, had defeated Governor Gray Davis in a special recall election on October 7.

He became Mr. Universe at the age of 20 and came to the United States in 1968. becoming an American citizen in 1983.

Schwarzenegger began a career in Hollywood with the film "Conan the Barbarian".

In 1986, Schwarzenegger, a Republican, married television reporter Maria Shriver, JFK's niece and a Democrat.*