Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sydney Harbor Bridge


Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (JFK+50) 82 years ago today, March 19, 1932, the Harbour Bridge officially opened here in Sydney.

At the time, the Harbour Bridge was the world's longest spanning arch bridge as well as the tallest steel arch bridge in the world.

Sydney Harbour Bridge
Photo by Jennifer White (2010)

Today's bridge, which is now the sixth longest spanning arch bridge in the world, carries six lanes of traffic and two railway lines.  It also sports a foot and bicycle path.

The Harbour Bridge remains the tallest steel arch bridge (440 feet high) in the world.

Jennifer Leigh White in Sydney
Photo by John White (2010)

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was built by Dorman Long and Company LTD of Middlesbrough, U.K.

Construction began on July 28 1923 and was completed on January 19, 1932.

The bridge is held together by six million hand-driven rivets.

Harbour Bridge from the Rocks
Photo by John White (2010)

The official opening was attended by Sir Philip Game, Governor of New South Wales.  

After the ribbon cutting, the public walked across the bridge.

More than 300,000 people were on hand for the ceremonies.

View From Under the Harbour Bridge
Photo by John White (2010)

A toll is charged to drive South across the bridge into the Central Business District of Sydney.  

The toll ranges from $2.50 to $4.00.  There is no toll to drive Northward out of the city.

Harbour Bridge South Tower
Photo by John White (2010)