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Los Angeles (JFK+50) Singer-actor-Hollywood icon Francis Albert Sinatra* died here in Los Angeles sixteen years ago today, May 14, 1998, at the age of 82.

Frank Sinatra, a superstar of popular music, died of a heart attack.

"Sinatra was the first modern popular superstar (who) transformed pop singing by infusing lyrics with an intimate point of view that conveyed a steady current of eroticism."

Stephen Holden

                          Frank Sinatra
                 at the Girl's Town Ball
                  Florida, May 12, 1960
                           NARA  Photo

Sinatra was a major supporter of Senator John F. Kennedy's presidential candidacy in 1960. 

Ol' Blue Eyes, as he was nicknamed, recorded a campaign record based on his big hit "High Hopes." 

The campaign record was titled "High Hopes with Jack Kennedy."

Sinatra's Campaign Record for JFK**

**I have a copy of this 45 rpm record of which only 2000 of were produced. 

Sinatra also starred in a performance for JFK's INAUGURAL GALA in Washington, D.C.

Another Kennedy connection came from the fact that Sinatra's "Rat Pack" included JFK's brother-in-law Peter Lawford.

Ironically, Sinatra supported Ronald Reagan's conservative Presidential candidacy in 1980 and hosted a performance for his inauguration as well.

  Reagan Presents the Medal of Freedom
          to Francis Albert Sinatra 

*Frank Sinatra (1915-1998) was born in Hoboken, NJ.  He was expelled from high school as a freshman, and later joined the Hoboken Four.  In 1939 he released his 1st single, "From the Bottom of My Heart."

Sinatra joined the Tommy Dorsey Band and had more than 40 songs in one year.  By 1941, he was a star particularly among the "bobby soxers" or teenage girls of the 40s.

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