Monday, April 27, 2015



Los Angeles, California (JFK+50) 52 years ago today, April 27, 1963, Little Peggy March* had her first NUMBER ONE HIT on pop charts in the United States, "I Will Follow Him".

The 15 year old high school freshman became and remains today the youngest female singer ever to top the "Billboard Hot 100s."

Peggy's sister, Linda, said...

"I...remember when RCA gave her 'I Will Follow Him' to take home and play with on the piano.  She hated the song.  She kept saying, 'I don't like this song.  It just keeps repeating the same thing.'"

Although Miss March would never have another Top 10 hit in the US, she became very popular in  Europe, particularly in Germany where she would live for 20 years.

Little Peggy had 4 more hits that made the TOP 100 in the United States and 26 which made the TOP 50 in Germany, including "Romeo and Julia" that went to the top of the German pop charts in 1967.

"I will follow him
Follow him wherever he may go. 
There isn't an ocean too deep, 
A mountain so high it can keep, 
Keep me away." 

*Margaret Annemarie Battavio, a.k.a. Little Peggy March, was born in Lansdale, Pennsylvania on March 8, 1948 to Carmen and Margaret Battavio.  

She began performing at age 5 and appeared regularly on the Sally Starr Show in Philadelphia and the Tony Grant 'Stars of Tomorrow' Show in Atlantic City.

Little Peggy appeared on the Perry Como TV Show just 3 days before "I Will Follow Him" went #1.

Little Peggy March (1965)