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Brookline, Massachusetts (JFK+50) The birthplace of  President John F. Kennedy was proclaimed a National Historic Site forty-eight years ago today, May 26, 1967, just three days before the 50th anniversary of the birth of the 35th President of the United States.

Previously a National Historic Landmark, the National Park Service designated the property a National Historic Site.  The JFK Birthplace was opened to the public on May 29, 1969, the 52nd anniversary of the President's birth. 

Joe and Rose Kennedy had lived in the home since their marriage in 1914.  Mr. Kennedy paid $6500 for the house which was built in 1909.  Rose loved the "space and air" of the community although it required a 15 minute walk to reach the trolley line.   This house was JFK's home for his first four years of life. In 1921, the Kennedys moved to a larger house in the same neighborhood. 

JFK was christened on June 19, 1917 at nearby St. Aidan's Catholic Church where Joe Jr. and Jack would serve as altar boys.  Jack attended the Edward Devotion School, Noble and Greenough Lower School and the Dexter School.  The Kennedys moved to Riverdale, New York in 1927.

JFK Birthplace National Historic Site
83 Beals Street
Brookline, Massachusetts


"Intimately modest and furnished in original Kennedy family heirlooms and  period reproductions, the home at 83 Beals Street in Brookline, Massachusetts conveys a sense of familiarity.  The beds are covered with Irish linen bedspreads embroidered with thistles, shamrocks and other Irish symbols.

Mrs. Rose Kennedy, who conducts visitors through the home by way of a recorded tape, says...

'We were happy here, and although we did not know about the days ahead, we were enthusiastic and optimistic about the future.'

The house, sold to a family friend in 1927, was repurchased by the Kennedys in 1966.  It was restored to the original 1917 appearance with the supervision of Rose Kennedy. In 1967, the house was donated to the people of the United States."


"The Kennedy's of Beals Street," by Tony Fusco. Collectibles Illustrated, Nov/Dec 1983.

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy 
JFK Birthplace Dedication 
National Park Service Photo (1969)