Monday, June 1, 2015



Knoxville, Tennessee (37920) Today, June 1, 2015, the State of Tennessee celebrates 219 years of statehood having been admitted to the United States of America on June 1st, 1796.

Tennessee became the 16th state in the Union and the first territory of the United States to attain statehood.  Knoxville, home to our state's first governor, John Sevier, served as the capital from 1796 to 1812.

This year's celebration, however, is mired in controversy over a new state logo which is intended to unify government agencies under one banner.  The logo, which set the state back $46,000, features a red square, a blue bar and the letters TN in white.

While the colors match the state flag, the design omits Tennessee's iconic 3 stars in a circle which represents the "Grand Divisions," East, Middle and West.

Although the new logo has met with strong criticism and ridicule, marketing experts claim that the simplistic design is today's trend.

GS&F of Nashville designed the logo.  They are the same company that did the logo designs for the Tennessee Titans professional football team, Tractor Supply and Bridgestone.

Please check out Jim Matheny's article for WBIR which is referenced below to see an image of Tennessee's new logo.

Flag of Tennessee


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US Postage Stamp of 1946
150th Anniversary of Tennessee Statehood