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Yorba Linda, California (JFK+50) A quarter-century has passed since four Presidents of the United States came here to Yorba Linda to attend the dedication of the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library and Birthplace.

In fact, it was the first time in history that four POTUS were seen together at a public event.  Sitting president George Herbert Walker Bush was joined by former presidents Gerald R. Ford, Richard M. Nixon and Ronald Reagan.  All were Republicans while former Democratic president Jimmy Carter did not attend due to a previous commitment.

According to the Los Angeles Times...

"Three brass bands played, red-suited trumpeters heralded the arrival of the Presidents and organizers sent red, white and blue balloons aloft..."

Fifty thousand people were on hand to witness the historic event which saw all four attending presidents make formal remarks.  In his characteristic style, President Reagan said...

"Much has been written and said about Richard Nixon.  Some of it has even been true."

The $21 million presidential library, the first in the state of California, was built near the home where the future 37th President was born in 1913.

*Richard Milhous Nixon (1913-1994) was born in Yorba Linda, CA.  His father, Frank Nixon, owned a lemon ranch but after it failed, the Nixons moved to Whittier, CA.  RMN was a graduate of Whittier College where he became a champion debater and Duke Law School.

RMN served in the US Navy and was elected to the United States Congress in 1946. re-elected in 1948, and elected to the United States Senate in 1950.  He was Vice-President from 1953-1961 and POTUS 1969-1974.  RMN resigned the presidency due to the Watergate scandal.


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The Fords, Reagans, Nixons & Bushs
Dedication of Nixon Presidential Library
July 19, 1990
Richard Nixon Foundation/National Archives