Sunday, January 10, 2016


JFK+50:  Volume 6, No. 1824


Boston, Massachusetts (JFK+50) Sixty-two years ago today, January 10, 1954, an exclusive article by Senator John F. Kennedy was published in The Boston Post.*

Senator Kennedy wrote...

"I am a Democrat--both by inheritance and convictions.  The Democratic Party** is not the party of any one group, but of all groups.

In our party may be found members of all races--all religions--all walks of life--all income groups in all parts of the country."

*The Boston Post was founded by Charles Greene and William Beals in November 1831.  The BP was purchased by Edwin Grozier in 1891.  He made it the largest newspaper in New England within 20 years.  

Headquarters were located at 42 Congress Street in Boston.  By the 1930s, the Post boasted a circulation of 1 million readers.  Competition from Hearst newspapers led to a decline & subsequent end of the BP in 1956.

**The Democratic Party traces its origins to the Democratic-Republican Party or Anti-Federalists of the late 1700s founded by Thomas Jefferson & James Madison.  

By 1828, it became the Democratic Party under Andrew Jackson who was elected POTUS in that year.  The DP has had 14 other Presidents including Van Buren, Polk, Pierce, Buchanan, A. Johnson, Cleveland, Wilson, FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ, Carter, Clinton and Obama.

In January 2016, the Democrats are the minority party in Congress holding 44 of 100 Senate seats and 188 of 435 House seats.  Nationwide the party claims only 18 of 50 state governorships.